About YūgenYūgen. 

Work philosophy

Yūgen (幽⽞) is a japanese term that signifies mystery, depth and subtlety. At YūgenYūgen, we work with one goal in mind: turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
We think that no matter the topic, there’s always beauty to be uncovered: through a shadow, a glance, a feeling or a sound…
There are as many angles to a project as you want, what matters is the one you choose to work with. And we make it our mission to find the one that reveals your project’s beauty and singularity.

What we do

For many entrepreneurs and companies a strong brand image and online presence are essential to their business. A beautiful website, active social media channels, blogging or newsletters...
All of these communication channels require consistent and fresh visual content. But when producing content isn’t your core business, it can get hard not to fall behind.
At YūgenYūgen we offer tailor-made services to fit your communication and content needs. Our goal? Bring you a custom solution to increase your project visibility and credibility.

History and experience

YūgenYūgen was created by Thomas Léonard, Fujifilm X-Photographer. He is passionate about communication and photography. He worked as an assistant and full-time photographer for 7 years at one of Belgium's leading photo agencies. At the end of 2016, he decided to launch his own project: YūgenYūgen Agency.

The agency works with many companies in different sectors such as the French wine regions, E-commerce, Tourism, Corporate environments, amongst others. Variety is our specialty.